エリザベス クライスト トランプ

"Trump to UCLA players: 'Give a big thank you' to Chinese president", "Trump Praises Xi as China's 'President for Life,' Says U.S. May Give It 'A Shot Someday, "Exclusive: Trump considers big 'fine' over China intellectual property theft", "United States says it supports China's infrastructure connectivity plan", "China Says Trump Open to Cooperating on Silk Road Projects", https://www.bloomberg.co.jp/news/articles/2018-05-20/P9018V6K50XS01, https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO30745910R20C18A5MM8000/, http://news.tbs.co.jp/newseye/tbs_newseye3397692.html, https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO31865150W8A610C1000000/, https://www.bloomberg.co.jp/news/articles/2020-01-15/Q45UC2T1UM0Y01, “Economic and Trade Agreement Between the Government of the United States and the Government of the People’s Republic of China”, https://ustr.gov/about-us/policy-offices/press-office/press-releases/2020/january/economic-and-trade-agreement-between-government-united-states-and-government-peoples-republic-china, "Six Facts on Donald Trump's Use of Chinese Steel", 【アメリカを読む】「人権外交」強化するトランプ政権 ウイグル自治区トップの制裁視野…対中貿易交渉のテコに?(1/3ページ) - 産経ニュース, http://web.archive.org/web/20180302234809/http://japanese.yonhapnews.co.kr:80/Politics2/2017/04/19/0900000000AJP20170419004400882.HTML, http://web.archive.org/web/20170421010950/http://japanese.donga.com:80/Home/3/all/27/902189/1, "韓国の弾道ミサイル重量制限を解除 米韓首脳が電話会談で合意 文在寅大統領「THAAD配備、速やかに完了する」", "トランプ米大統領 「またも世界を侮辱」と怒り 米政権、対北制裁の厳格履行へ国際社会と連携 国連総会で訴え", "FULL TEXT: Donald Trump's First Address to UN General Assembly". "Trump on Xi: "Now some people might call him the king, "トランプ大統領「習近平主席は友人」、8日からの訪中での協議進展に期待=日米首脳、北朝鮮への圧力「最大限まで強化」で一致―共同記者会見". 1920年にはわずか15歳で不動産業・建設業を始め、「エリザベス・トランプ・アンド・サン」という会社を母親のエリザベス・クライスト・トランプとともに設立します。 フレデリック・トランプ(Frederick Trump, 1869年3月14日 – 1918年5月27日)は、ドイツ出身のアメリカの実業家である。フレッド・トランプ、ジョン・ジョージ・トランプの父、第45代アメリカ合衆国大統領ドナルド・トランプの祖父にあたる。トランプはシアトルとクロンダイクという好景気にわいた街に拠点を置き、レストランと宿泊施設の経営でその財産を築いた 。後にドイツへ帰国し、結婚後にふたたびアメリカに戻って事業を継続した。H・J・ハインツ社の創業者ヘンリー・ジョン・ハインツ( ", "Trump's order on the deportation of undocumented residents, annotated by an immigration law expert", "Public Inspection :: Presidential Document ::Defense and National Security: Foreign Terrorists; Measures to Prevent U.S. Getting ready to make a major speech to the National Assembly here in South Korea, then will be headed to China where I very much look forward to meeting with President Xi who is just off his great political victory. en: List of United States presidential elections by popular vote margin, https://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/n85387872.html, Bush says Trump was a Democrat longer than a Republican 'in the last decade' | PolitiFact Florida, The man responsible for Donald Trump's never-ending presidential campaign – News Local Massachusetts, 黒人の8割がトランプ大統領について人種差別主義者と考えていることが世論調査で明らかになった, "Yes, Donald Trump really went to an Ivy League school", "And then there was the time Donald Trump bought a football team", "Trump's Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties", https://jp.usembassy.gov/ja/our-relationship-ja/key-officials-ja/first-lady-melania-trump-ja/, Donald Trump will not run for president, returning for another season of 'Celebrity Apprentice' Updated, http://www.albionmonitor.com/9910b/copyright/patdonald.html, http://www.twoop.com/people/donald_trump.html, "Q&A with Socialist Party presidential candidate Brian Moore", http://fortune.com/2016/03/02/carl-icahn-trump/, "Prominent Hispanic Intellectuals Call Donald Trump's 'Hate Speech' Dangerous", https://twitter.com/Alwaleed_Talal/status/675390247165915137, https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/675523728055410689, "「ケネディ大使は安倍首相から接待漬け」 "トランプ節"またも炸裂 今度は日本などアジア諸国をやり玉", Donald Trump spreads the message that 'Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband', バーニー・サンダース氏、ちょっかいを出すドナルド・トランプ氏をTwitterで一刀両断, "Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005", "トランプ氏、女性経験語る下品な映像が流出 大統領候補は謝罪も共和党幹部が厳しく非難", "米共和党のトランプ旋風 欧米メディアは一様に批判的 一方「大統領候補の可能性ある」との指摘も", トランプ氏、メディアと全面対決! 「クリントン氏とメディアは結託して悪意ある攻撃をしている」 米紙に並ぶ「無知」「嘘つき」「自己中心」「執念深い」「女性蔑視」…の声, Trump’s America Why the Donald is dangerous, The rhetorical brilliance of Trump the demagogue, 「私たちは7月に、トランプ氏に関する記事を政治欄ではなくエンタメ欄に載せると発表した。」, A Note on Trump: We Are No Longer Entertained, A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump's 'Campaign', National Review, conservative thinkers stand against Trump. Nikki Haley and Henry Kissinger", "Donald Trump meets Republican foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger", "Transcript: Donald Trump Expounds on His Foreign Policy Views", "【米大統領選】トランプ候補の止まらぬトンデモ安保論…「日韓の独自の核保有いとわず」「在日米軍撤退を」", "In Donald Trump's Worldview, America Comes First, and Everybody Else Pays", "What Donald Trump's "America First" vision of the world looks like - Election 2016", "The Long History Behind Donald Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy", "Tiananmen protest leader Wang Dan: Donald Trump sounds like a communist", "Tiananmen dissident Wuer Kaixi condemns Trump as an enemy of American values", "Trump broaches alliance with China and Russia against ISIS", "Trump: 'Friends' in Russia, China, 'hacked the hell' out of DNC emails", "Donald Trump calls on Vladimir Putin and Russia to 'find' Hillary Clinton's missing 30,000 emails", "【米大統領選2016】トランプ氏、ロシアによるクリントン氏メールのハッキング希望", "Donald Trump says US relations with Russia 'may be at all-time low, "トランプ氏「私ほどロシアに厳しい人物はいない」 プーチン氏との対話にも重ねて意欲", https://r.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO36742660R21C18A0FF8000, "Donald Trump says the world would be a BETTER place if Saddam and Gaddafi were still in power", http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3288722/World-better-place-Saddam-Kadhafi-power-Trump.html#v-3087654001001, "Analysis: Donald Trump, Israel and the Jews", "Trump: GOP platform 'the most pro-Israel of all time, "Trump: Israel should 'keep going' with settlements expansions", "Trump in new book: Israel proof that walls work", "Sheldon Adelson to give $25m boost to Trump Super Pac", "Donald Trump Says He Will Visit Israel 'Very Soon, Algemeiner Journal Jewish 100 Gala Honors Donald Trump, Joan Rivers and Yuli Edelstein, "Pride and affirmative prejudice: Donald Trump and the Jews", "Trump's Brother Rebelled Against Their Authoritarian Father By Joining a Jewish Frat", "Trump Has Strongest Jewish Ties of all GOP Candidates", "Trump Is Considering a Pre-Convention Visit to Israel", "Trump invites Netanyahu to meet him in the US", "共和・トランプ氏ら「イラン核合意、大統領に就任したら破棄する」 選挙の争点に浮上", "Trump: 'I would want to protect Saudi Arabia, "Trump In 2011 Praised Hosni Mubarak's Ouster As A "Good Thing, "「トマホーク」「ストームシャドー」「B1戦略爆撃機」「ラファール戦闘機」…米英仏、多様な兵器使用", https://jp.reuters.com/article/syria-security-ministers-idJPKBN1X9030, https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASM3V2621M3VUHBI003.html, https://jp.wsj.com/articles/SB11168026957026933972104585370011155401740, "トランプ氏に米紙が「中国が尖閣諸島を占領したらどうしますか?」と質問、トランプ氏はどう答えたか―中国紙", "A transcript of Donald Trump's meeting with The Washington Post editorial board", "【米大統領選】トランプ氏が在日米軍について「なぜ日本が駐留経費を100%負担しないのか」「アメリカの利益にならない」 米紙との会合で", "Donald Trump's business history with Japan", "「日本では米国車の関税はゼロなのに…」 トランプ氏の対日貿易「不公平」批判に日本メーカー困惑", "Donald Trump Comments May Unearth Caterpillar Activist", "Trump's trash talk: The 23 people and institutions he slammed in a single speech", Japan-U.S. security alliance not fair, Donald Trump says, 小学館 NEWSポストセブン - トランプ・米大統領誕生なら日本はついに戦争に駆り出される 2016.01.02 07:00, http://japanese.joins.com/article/888/222888.html, https://jp.sputniknews.com/japan/201611243044881/, 【日米首脳会談】安倍晋三首相「私は朝日新聞に勝った」 トランプ大統領「俺も勝った!」 ゴルフ会談で日米同盟はより強固になるか?, "安倍晋三首相、トランプ米大統領と電話会談 北朝鮮への対応協議 「安保理決議違反」一致", "Trump Signs Presidential Memorandum Targeting Chinese Trade Practices", トランプ米大統領「真珠湾」発言の米紙報道 日時・場所・文脈とも全く異なると判明 政府高官明かす, "Here's Donald Trump's Presidential Announcement Speech", "Trump: 'I have a lot of friends from China, "Trump's rhetoric and financial interests in China present conflicts of interest", "「中国が好き!」「クリミアはロシアのもの」トランプ氏が再び問題発言連発―中国メディア", "Trump, China's Xi, Set Tone of 'Mutual Respect' in Phone Call", "米中首脳、協力強化で一致=トランプ氏「大きな進展」-外交など4分野で対話開始へ", "Remarks by President Trump and President Xi of China in Joint Press Statement", "China, US militaries conduct joint disaster drills", "トランプ米大統領、訪仏会見で「偉大な好人物」と習近平氏を絶賛 劉暁波氏死去は無視 5時間後にわずか4行の追悼声明", "トランプ米大統領、中国共産党・習総書記の党大会後の権力基盤強化を歓迎―露メディア", "Trump on N Korea: 'You Would Be Shocked to See How Prepared We Are. ( エリザベス・クライスト・トランプ から転送) フレデリック・クライスト ( 通称 : フレッド ) ・トランプ (Frederick Christ "Fred" Trump, 1905年 10月11日 - 1999年 6月25日 )は、 ドイツ系アメリカ人 の 不動産 開発業者・ 慈善家 である。� The fake Christianity of Donald Trump (and Jerry Falwell Jr. This page was last edited on 5 March 2020, at 10:49. Happy #CincoDeMayo! Pauline Smith and Andrew Youngson. Line 133 mentions "Friedr. FOXニュース 1999年12月1日, 以上の過去の発言は“Trump's Flip-Flop On Abortion,” National Journal, 2/15/11. (September 16, 2010). The Small Loan Controversy Explained”, http://www.ibtimes.com/how-much-money-did-trump-get-his-dad-small-loan-controversy-explained-2422185, Trump Is Considering a Pre-Convention Visit to Israel, “How a young Donald Trump forced his way from Avenue Z to Manhattan”, http://www.villagevoice.com/news/how-a-young-donald-trump-forced-his-way-from-avenue-z-to-manhattan-7380462, http://www.nytimes.com/1999/06/29/classified/paid-notice-deaths-trump-fred-c.html, Reports: Trump family donated to Jewish, Israeli causes, http://www.nytimes.com/2000/08/09/nyregion/mary-macleod-trump-philanthropist-88.html, Scottish Genealogy, Scottish Ancestry – Donald Trump, "The mysterious Mary Trump: The full untold story of how a young Scotswoman escaped to New York and raised a US presidential candidate", "An inconvenient truth? You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. https://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2015/09/09/why-donald-trump-better-than-donald-drumpf/7ltKCyRasCa5TY2l1Tr4HP/story.html, “Fred C. Trump, Postwar Master Builder of Housing for Middle Class, Dies at 93”, http://www.nytimes.com/1999/06/26/nyregion/fred-c-trump-postwar-master-builder-of-housing-for-middle-class-dies-at-93.html?pagewanted=all, https://www.newspapers.com/clip/7174250/the_bridgeport_post/, In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens, "All the Evidence We Could Find About Fred Trump's Alleged Involvement with the KKK", “In Interview, Donald Trump Denies Report of Father's Arrest in 1927”, http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/09/22/in-interview-donald-trump-denies-report-of-fathers-arrest-in-1927/, “New Concerns Function with Queens Capital”, http://fultonhistory.com/highlighter/highlight-for-xml?uri=http%3A%2F%2Ffultonhistory.com%2FNewspaper%252015%2FBrooklyn%2520NY%2520Daily%2520Star%2FBrooklyn%2520NY%2520Daily%2520Star%25201927%2FBrooklyn%2520NY%2520Daily%2520Star%25201927%2520-%25200653.pdf&xml=http%3A%2F%2Ffultonhistory.com%2FdtSearch%2Fdtisapi6.dll%3Fcmd%3Dgetpdfhits%26u%3D6c404f01%26DocId%3D9682416%26Index%3DZ%253a%255cIndex%2520I%252dE%252dV%26HitCount%3D3%26hits%3D9b%2B9c%2B9d%2B%26SearchForm%3D%252fFulton%255fNew%255fform%252ehtml%26.pdf&openFirstHlPage=false, "Limit on Public Housing May Emerge From Huddle Over Conflicting Bills", Trump’s Father Helped GOP Candidate With Numerous Loans, “How Much Money Did Trump Get From His Dad? All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Entry (EO 13769)", "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States", "Full text of Trump's executive order on 7-nation ban, refugee suspension", "Executive Order: Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees", "Trump's Executive Order On Ethics Pulls Word For Word From Obama, Clinton", "Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs", "Trump orders two-for-one repeal for all new regulations", "Trump's 'Two-for-One' Regulation Executive Order", "Presidential Executive Order on Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System", "Two Parts Of Dodd Frank That Trump's Executive Orders Really Should Repeal", "Trump to dismantle Dodd-Frank Wall Street rules through executive orders", "Trump signs executive order to review Dodd-Frank Act", "Presidential Executive Order on a Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety", "Trump signs three new executive orders on crime reduction", "Trump takes first tentative steps on public safety", "Trump signs executive orders to boost public safety, reduce drug trafficking", "Trump signs executive orders targeting drug cartels, attacks on police officers & crime reduction", "Presidential Executive Order on Preventing Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Law Enforcement Officers", "Trump issues new executive orders on violent crime", "Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking", "Trump Signs Executive Orders Designed To 'Break The Back' Of The Cartels And Protect Police", "Donald Trump Holds Meetings With SC Gov. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 「モナ・リザ」の下に眠る“下絵”が発見される。巨匠が頭の角度を手直ししたことも判明, 竜巻(トルネード)、凶暴かつ脅威に満ちた自然界の怪物:知っておくべき真実と避難方法, ジム・ブラウンは語る。ドナルド・トランプは目覚まし時計のようなもの「ESQUIRE US」. Donald Trump's Scottish mother was a low-earning migrant", http://www.nytimes.com/1989/03/27/style/elizabeth-trump-weds-james-grau.html, Donald Trump Opens Up About His Brother's Death from Alcoholism: It Had a 'Profound Impact on My Life, https://ja.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=フレッド・トランプ&oldid=79924415. Jerry Brown goes to China to affirm climate change alliance", "Interview: California governor says climate cooperation with China "imperative, "California and China to Work Together on Belt and Road Globalization Project, and Climate Change", "Spotlight: California jumps into China's Belt and Road Initiative for clean energy", "UPDATE 2-California, China defy US climate retreat with new cleantech tie-up", "パリ協定から離脱の米国、エネルギー相「中国が主導権引き継ぐのを歓迎する」―米紙", "US Energy Secretary Perry Says It's Fine if China Takes Leadership on Climate", "China, US call for enhanced energy cooperation", "In Beijing, Perry promotes US-China clean energy cooperation", https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20191219/k10012220621000.html, トランプ氏、新型コロナ「真珠湾攻撃よりひどい」…「奇襲」印象付けか : 国際 : ニュース : 読売新聞オンライン, 衝撃事実!トランプの「暴言」は演技だらけ? | アメリカ | 東洋経済オンライン | 経済ニュースの新基準, Donald Trump announced for WWE Hall of Fame, ドナルド・トランプの父親、ウディ・ガスリーの大家にして人種差別主義者だったことが明らかに, "トランプ氏の「秘密兵器」は美人娘…モデル、会社役員、妊娠中の「スーパーウーマン」", "Report: Tycoon Donald Trump's daughter converting to Judaism", Ivanka Trump Converts to Judaism for Fiancé, アメリカのテレビ界で最も稼いでいるのは「アメリカン・アイドル」の審査員サイモン・コーウェル, "Donald Trump: Obama Birth Certificate Should've Been Released Long Ago (VIDEO)", "Groupon Pulls Ads From Trump's 'The Apprentice' Website", "White House Correspondents Dinner: Obama Takes On Trump, Birthers, The Media, And More (VIDEO)", オバマ大統領はイスラム教徒? 米国人ではない? トランプ氏、集会で否定せず批判浴びる, "Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK", Trump offers plan to rebuild twin towers - World - smh.com.au. Donald Trump Retweets Apparent Neo-Nazi Supporter, "Donald Trump Tells George Stephanopoulos He's Been 'Co-Opted' By Obama (VIDEO)", Social media users find chinks of humour in Trump wall plan, DONALD TRUMP: 'My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars', Donald Trump describes father's 'small loan': $1 million, "ドナルド・トランプがボードゲームになっていた。「TRUMP THE GAME」が意外に傑作", トランプ大統領の利益相反問題にはまだ「1000の疑問がある」 | Business Insider Japan, Trump team discussing ‘half-blind’ trust for conflicts of interest - POLITICO, トランプ政権移行チーム、利益相反回避で裁量信託を検討か | ワールド | 最新記事 | ニューズウィーク日本版 オフィシャルサイト, トランプ氏、関連施設で開催「やめた」=来年のG7サミット、批判浴び:時事ドットコム, CNN.co.jp : トランプ氏の所有施設でG7開催、ホワイトハウスは「低コスト」主張, "鯉のエサやり 升をひっくり返したのはトランプ大統領だけなのか TV映像の切り取り方に批判", 朝日より安倍、NYTよりトランプが支持される「これだけの理由」(週刊現代) @gendai_biz, http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/12261789/, "カナダ移民局のサイトがダウン。アメリカ人が本気で国外逃亡を考えているらしい【アメリカ大統領選】", クリント・イーストウッドがトランプ氏支持 「軟弱な時代だ。誰もが発言に細心の注意を払う」 | ハフポスト, イーストウッドにジョン・ヴォイト:少数派ながらいることはいるトランプ派セレブ(猿渡由紀) - 個人 - Yahoo!ニュース, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek​ says he would opt for Donald Trump as the apparently less dangerous choice in the US election.pic.twitter.com/3kuC1Ytf2j, ピーター・ティールがトランプ支持の本当の意味——テクノロジーが政治を飲み込み始めた | BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN, トランプ氏は「ゾンビ」にあらず、美しいうそよりまし-ティール氏 - Bloomberg, MIKE TYSON ENDORSES DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, ドナルド・トランプ大統領就任コンサート、全編の映像が公開に | NME Japan, Dennis Rodman endorses Donald Trump for president - CNNPolitics, Aaron Carter on Twitter: "@realDonaldTrump Does America want to have a president who FOLLOWS or someone who leads?

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